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School counselors help students dream big by......

"Helping student realize their potential and all the opportunities that are available to them."  - Ms. Cunningham

"Exploring post-secondary opportunities that will meet their goals and utilize their strengths and abilities." - Ms. Ferrante

"Encouraging them to set academic and college/career goals that support their dream!" - Ms. Nappier

"Believing in them, encouraging them, and helping the explore all of the opportunities this world has to offer them!" - Ms. Green

My students help me dream big by...

"Trusting me with their celebrations and struggles. Their vulnerability is humbling and helps me learn where I need to grow to be the best support and resource for their success." - Ms. Nappier

"Giving me an insight into their biggest hurdles and frustrations. This information empowers me to look at where I could potentially be an agent of social change, to narrow the opportunity and achievement gaps, and make sure all students have the opportunity to succeed." - Ms. Ferrante 

"Chasing their own dreams and reminding me that there is no goal you can't reach if you are willing to work for it." - Ms. Green



Being a school counselor is a dream come true because...

"I have always valued education and working with students. This career allows me to marry those two things. Every day I get the opportunity to help students realize their potential and build their resiliency. There may not be a lot of immediate gratification with this position but the long term outcomes are worth the wait when you see a student reach their goals!"   - Ms. Ferrante

"I get to be a safe person who all students know that they can come to for anything. I get to work with incredible students every day, helping them through difficult times and celebrating all of their successes. There is no end to the list of supports a school counselor can provide, which leads to forming unique, strong, and valued relationships with my students and their families." - Ms. Green

"I see how amazing former students can be when they go follow their future paths. Watching students become Olympic Champions, Doctors, Vets, owners of their own businesses, go into the military, become parents and teachers show me that I have made a different. Sometimes a little advice will stick with a person and they always have it in the back of their mind. I still remember one student who struggled in school come and ask for a transcript to take college classes. he said he always heard me saying that when he is ready to start college, he will be able to do it!" - Ms. Cunningham 

My school helps students dream big by...

"Offering opportunities such as elective courses, rigorous college preparatory courses, clubs, sports, college fairs, career fairs, internship opportunities, job skill training opportunities, career exploration, peer tutoring, etc. Students have access to many resources to help them prepare for life after high school." - Ms. Ferrante

"Being full of the most kind and supportive staff that wants to see all of our students succeed." - Ms. Green

"Having high expectations of students and supports available when needed." - Ms. Nappier

My dream for the school counseling profession is...

"Is that our continued efforts to advocate for our role are met with the opportunity to bring more school counselors into our schools to better serve our students and meet their needs." - Ms. Green

"That we get more counselors so that we can spend more time with students in helping them realize their potential and support them throughout their high school years." - Ms. Cunningham

"Additional counseling resources to support all of the social emotional needs of students." - Ms. Nappier

"That school counselors will continue to be seen and utilized as integral stakeholders for student success. I am very thankful to work in an environment that values school counselors but I know this isn't the case for all counselors. My dream is that all counselors would be supported in a way that allows them to connect and make an impact in students' lives. I would also like to see every school have more than one counselor so caseloads can remain manageable. This would also mean more counselors in each school giving each other the support, consultation opportunities, and the ability to grow and develop a comprehensive school counseling program in each building." - Ms. Ferrante